WCIT 2016 – World Congress on Information Technology – Brazil/Brasília – 03 to 05 october 2016 (English)

The World Information Technology and Services Alliance – WITSA, organizes the World Congress on Information Technology, which has taken place every two years since 1978, present in 82 countries, with the inclusion of members representing 90% of the global ICT market, as well as key global information technology companies.

With the theme ” fulfilling the Promise of the Digital Age: Challenges and Opportunities “, the 20th edition of the WCIT will be staging debates on the role of business leaders, in digital inclusion around the world. The goal is to think of development strategies of the world’s technology as a building tool in an interactive society to promote advances in education, health, transportation and other goods and services related to the quality of life. The focus will be the possibility that every individual in the world can use technology to access information available on the web and thus can contribute to the development of their city or region, creating a great chain in favor of new ideas and training citizens more aware of their potential to effect changes in the world.

At the same time, major brands will have the opportunity to make bilateral business and find prosperous markets in various areas of global IT. Investors, academics and government officials will be sit side by side to think about innovative projects that increase competitiveness, productivity and business opportunities from IT. For the first time in South America, entrepreneurs will participate on B2B platform meetings that will definitely open the country’s doors to the world!

Participants and family members may seize the opportunity to visit Brazil and its attractions.

LUGRE TRAVEL SOLUTIONS, as the official travel agency of 20th WCIT, offers special rates negotiated with major hotels in Brasília to ensure its participation in this event. The agency is also prepared to offer the best opportunities for sightseeing and entertainment for free time.



HOTELS ROOM SGL/daily DBL/daily TPL/daily TAXA
Royal Tulip Standard 358,00 418,00 15%
Superior 468,00 528,00 15%
Golden Tulilp Suíte Luxo 287,00 287,00 15%
Suíte Executiva 337,00 337,00 15%


Others Hotels:

HOTELS ROOM SGL/daily DBL/daily TPL/daily TAXA
St. Paul Plaza Standard 225,00 260,00 320,00 10%
Saint Moritz Express Superior 239,00 285,00 0%
Allia Gran Hotel Luxo 240,00 280,00 15%
Comfort Suítes Superior 243,00 274,00 15%
Brasília Palace Standard 245,00 295,00 10%
Fusion Express+ Superior 253,00 299,00 0%
Manhattan Plaza Standard 255,00 305,00 10%
Vision Express+ Superior 259,00 305,00 0%
Blue Tree Jade Standard 267,00 312,00 15%
AthosBulcão Superior 277,00 333,00 15%
Metropolitan Flat Standard 285,00 325,00 15%
Cullinan Premium Superior 291,00 347,00 15%
Brasil 21 Suítes Suíte Superior 319,00 319,00 5%
Brasil 21 Convention Suíte Executiva 319,00 319,00 5%
Kubitschek Plaza Standard 320,00 370,00 10%
Naoum Hotel Standard 322,00 384,00 10%
Windsor Brasília Standard 396,00 436,00 15%
Meliá Brasil 21 Premier 429,00 429,00 5%
Windsor Plaza Standard 440,00 484,00 15%


  • Breakfast included in the rate, when served at the hotel restaurant;
  • Check-in from 3pm and check-out until midday;
  • Rates valid for the period of the Congress;
  • Rates in Brazilian currency (Real);



Contact us about the best rates and flights lugre@lugretravel.com.br



Take the opportunity to learn a little more of Brasília and region, contact us on the tours and itineraries we have prepared especially for WCIT 2016:

  • City Tour in Brasília
  • Tour to the historic city of Pirenópolis – 1 day
  • Tour to Chapada dos Veadeiros – 3 days / 2 nights



Amazon / Capital: Manaus

Visiting undisturbed, natural areas, also called ecotourism, is the main attraction in the road maps in the Amazon State, where tourists may experiment boat trips and trekking in nature reserves. Surrounded by the Amazon Forest, the largest tropical rainforest of the planet and one of the largest drainage basins in the world, the Amazon basin, and visitors may have the opportunity to get to know, learn and to assign the value as well as the importance of tropical resources and local cultures, such as the indigenous. There are options from hotels in the jungle up to Eco Resorts (in the tropical rainforest).



Bahia / Capital: Salvador

The Salvador coast is one of the longest among the Brazilian coast cities and the tourism is one of the most diverse. The visitor may go to the beach in the morning, take a walk in the historical center at noon, having dinner at a nice restaurant enjoying the diversity gastronomy that the city offers. A must do is to try the famous “acarajé”, a dish made of peeled black-eyed peas and seafood. But if the intention is to celebrate, it could not exist a better place. In different places of the capital, the visitor may get to know more of the local way of life going to historical carnival blocks, with street bands. A visit to “Pelourinho” a visiting in the morning or going out to dance at night is also must do to visitors.


Ceará / Capital: Fortaleza

Ceará state is famous for its enchanting beaches and it offers options for those who love the sea, seafood and moments of joy. Its capital city, Fortaleza, offers presentations of local comedians in great nightclubs in the city. During the day, the tip is to go to the “Beach Park”, 20km away from Fortaleza, a big structure that combines resort, a nice space on the beach with restaurant and music and its main attraction: one of the largest water parks in Latin America. In the evening, the “Beira Mar” Avenue and its extensive promenade which leads to “Ponto dos Ingleses”, provides a view of an unforgettable sunset. At night in addition to gourmet restaurants around the city, a good choice is going to “Dragão do Mar” cultural Center to enjoy the open-air market, bars and exhibitions. The more lively visitors can rent cars to stroll through the east and west coast beaches. For those who prefers to stay in the city, “Praia do Futuro” and its beach tents offers a complete infrastructure for tourists to enjoy the sea and taste the famous Fortaleza’s crabmeat.



Distrito Federal / Capital: Brasília

Historical and Cultural World Heritage Site since 1987, Brasília attracts tourists from all over the world. The capital of Brazil has historic buildings recognized for its unique architecture, great merit of the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, where large concrete buildings arise in the midst of symbolic trees of “Cerrado”. One of the great blessings of “brasilienses” is the Brasília sky, regarded by many as a real work of art. The impression of being just a political scenario of the country is demystified by the amount of attractive and interesting programs. For the mystics, a visit to “Chapada dos Veadeiros” a 2 hour trip from Brasília, is worth. For the lovers of culture, the suggestions are theaters, exhibition and charming cafes around the city.



Capital: Curitiba

Atraction: Foz do Iguaçu

Curitiba is a warm and cozy town for those seeking a quiet ride, with potential tourism for cultural tours and delicious gastronomy accompanied by the fine wines of the South region. In addition to the capital, one of the major attractions of this state is the waterfalls of Iguaçu River in the city of Foz do Iguaçu, 600KM away from Curitiba. “Cataratas do Iguaçu” (Iguaçu Falls) forms a set of 275 waterfalls that reach the height of 90 meters, delighting tourists for its view and the various ways to enjoy it. You can catch sight of this spectacle from very close on boat rides and helicopters, or for those more adventurous, by hiking and rafting by the rivers, always having the falls as a backdrop. In the extreme south of the country, those travelling to Foz do Iguaçu can still cross “Ponte da Amizade” (“Friendship Bridge”) for a walk in the neighboring Paraguay.



Rio de Janeiro

Brazil’s most famous postcard, the city of Rio de Janeiro is endowed with unique natural beauty which enchants any tourist. One of the most beautiful cities in the world, where the sunset seen from “Pedra do Arpoador” is a show acclaimed everyday by city dwellers and tourists. Showing an extensive shore of equal beauty, from Leme to Pontal, visitors may enjoy a range of varied attractions, since restaurants and lounges, offering tropical food and drinks, including parties as well as night rides through the “calçadão” (large sidewalk) at the end of the day. Another attraction in the city is the hillsides gathering thousands of dwellers living in buildings that challenge the engineering and which have been gaining prominence. Among some of the essential sights to visit in Rio is Copacabana beach, “Pão de Açúcar” e “Cristo Redentor”. For those travelers looking for more adventure the hand gliding is an option. For those looking for parties, a night at Lapa and samba night tours are a must do in Rio de Janeiro. The most popular destination sought for tourists who visit Brazil on leisure travels.


São Paulo

The largest city in Brazil, São Paulo attracts tourists for its cosmopolitan lifestyle including innumerable art-house, cinemas and theaters. Also with an intense nightlife, known as one of the best in Brazil. Gastronomy of the most diverse cultures can be experimented, among them the Japanese, on a neighborhood totally dedicated to it, called “Liberdade”. Small bars gather the best options concerning beers, the famous “caipirinhas” and snacks to be tasted. “Mercado Municipal” is a place attracting thousands of visitors who can take a ride through its corridors to taste local traditional dishes. The Ipiranga Museum is a historical site, known as the place where the Brazil Independence was proclaimed, there is also the Portughese Language Museum, the first in the world dedicated to a language, and the MASP – São Paulo Modern Art Museum, one of the most famous in South America.


Minas Gerais / Capital: Belo Horizonte

Attractions: Historic cities

One of the most important tourist attractions in Minas Gerais is the “Estrada Real” (Royal Road), which is as old set of the colonial-era roads, used to the movement of gold mainly. Linking the central regions of the state to the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Parati in the route. The building of churches from the colonial era stands out, consisting in works of art, many of which, containing details in gold and art sculptures of master Aleijadinho. The different itineraries in this tour comprise historical, cultural and natural lures to their visitors. Another noteworthy feature of the tourism in Minas Gerais comprises visiting historic cities, which preserves building of the colonial museum and cultural sites revealing the past of these places. All through these rides, to experiment the “pão de queijo” (cheese bread), a popular snack and breakfast food in Minas Gerais. The state is also prominent due to its rich culinary considered one of the most pleasant in Brazil.



VIP car with bilingual driver for 6 hours, for shopping trips (shoppings, “Feira dos Importados”, Fair of Guará) R$ 1.500,00 (executive car)
Kart battery (20 minutes) – minimum 10 karts R$ 1.230,00 (executive car)
Motor-boating on the lake (up to 9 people) – 2 hours R$ 1.400,00 (executive car)
Cultural Tour in  Brasília sea boat R$ 3.500,00 (executive car)
Double jump parachute in Anápolis (with photos and videos) R$ 750,00 per person  +  R$ 750,00 (executive car)

For Tours, it’s necessary to confirm 24 hour in advance.


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